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Salt Nic

  • 2 Face Salt 30mL

    JAWS tart apples, juicy watermelon, and succulent strawberries Brazzberry fresh and sour flavor of blue raspberries blended together with the sweet and ripe flavor of strawberries

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  • Brewed Awakening Salt 30mL

    Brewed Awakening Salt 30mL

    There's nothing that gets your blood pumping faster and prompts you to throw back your blankets faster than smelling some freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Its familiar scent tickles your nose and immediately sets the tone for an energized and...

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  • Country Clouds Salt 30ml

    Country Clouds Salt 30ml

    Revolutionary in every sense of the word, Country Clouds Salt E Liquid is a line of flavors that's dynamic juices are going to widen your horizons and expose you to just how exceptional that a vape blend really can be after all. Anyone who has been...

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  • Fresh Farms Salt 30mL

    Fresh Farms Salt 30mL

    **Morning Melon Salt ** Looking to have a melontastic day? Of course, you are. Now, you can enjoy the taste of farm-fresh melons while getting that satisfying punch of nicotine salts. How? By vaping Morning Melon Salt – Fresh Farms Eliquid 30ml. This a...

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  • Fruit Monster Salt 30mL

    Fruit Monster Salt 30mL

    Presenting blends of well known and exotic fruits, Fruit Monster is a well balanced line designed to appeal to the fruit lovers in all of us. With unique options ranging from a tart blueberry raspberry lemon to a poolside mango peach with guava, Fruit...

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  • Mighty Vapors salts 30mL

    Mighty Vapors salts 30mL

    Hulk Tears - Mighty Vapors famous sour watermelon apple candy with a dash of berries. Frozen Hulk Tears - A sour watermelon apple candy infused with berries all backed by a frozen cooling sensation. Mighty Mango - A superior blend of succulent mango...

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  • Milk By The Pound Salt 30ml

    Milk By The Pound Salt 30ml

    Milk - A dense, rich flavor of pound cake smothered in goodness and drenched in creamy, luscious milk. Milk By The Pound, the first taste of the line up, is the # 1 pound cake e-juice! This sweet buttery pound cake, simple but decadent, is immersed in a...

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  • Pacha Mama Salts 30mL

    Pacha Mama Salts 30mL

    Pachama Salts is a brand that was created by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, who is considered a veteran in the world of vape. Pachamama offers a wide range of nicotine salt e-juice flavors, from Starfruit Gape to Apple Tobacco.

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