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WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Salt Nicotine

Salt-based nicotine, otherwise known as nic salt, is the popular compound containing nicotine that is similar to its natural state, and offers a less harsh and more tolerable version of higher nicotine e-juice. The result is more nicotine, smoother flavor, and a cleaner taste. Keep in mind, salt nic e-juice is typically different from your traditional freebase nicotine, often with the same flavors seen in popular freebase varieties. Nicotine Salts are best used with lower-wattage devices. Shop a vast selection of salt-based e-liquids from the premium manufacturer's such as Salt-Bae, Air Factory, 7Daze, Jam Monster, and VGOD

As salt nic continues to gain popularity, this newer compound is becoming synonymous with Pod System devices. Since nicotine salt is becoming so widely mainstream, many companies such as Naked100 have recreated their top-selling juice flavors into pairing nic salt options. Our collection of e-juices are among the very best you can find online and at some of the lowest available wholesale rates.