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WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Our supply of grinders will help your customers get tobacco and dry material to a more ideal consistency to allow for a smoother smoke and a more desirable experience overall. When your dry herbs are down to a smooth grind, your bowls and rolls burn much smoother and hit nicer. We offer the most popular styles of 4-piece grinders in multiple variations, see some of our top brands like Sharpstone or V-Syndicate

Plenty of our grinders include multiple pieces with separate chambers, lined with screens to catch those precious trichomes. Various grinders are composed of either plastic, CNC machined aluminum, durable plastic, or even wood. Many of our products in this line vary from shape, size, color, and components. Check out one of our favorites, the Meditainer, for not only a fine affordable plastic grinder, but also a handy compact smell-proof container!