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Futurola x Tyson Ranch - A World-Renowned Collaboration

Futurola x Tyson Ranch - A World-Renowned Collaboration

Wed Apr 13th 2022


Tyson Ranch is a line of products from two highly reputable companies, Futurola and Tyson Ranch, who have come together to create quality rolling products for the discerning flower enthusiast. Futurola has a history dating back to 1996, while Tyson Ranch debuted in 2017. Futurola, the self-proclaimed King of Rolling, started as a brand that offers quality pre-rolled production systems, rolling papers, and cones. At the same time, Tyson Ranch exclusively dealt with cannabis products, specifically high-strain CBD and THC products. Their first collaboration in 2019 saw a joint production(pun intended) of premium rolling papers, blunt wraps, rolling papers, and blunt cones, all present on our website. Here is all you need to know about Futurola & Tyson Ranch, your ultimate provider of quality wraps and cones.

What Is Futurola?

Futurola is a Dutch rolling paper company with a history that dates back to 1996. The brand stemmed from the Future Coffee Shop in Amsterdam. Since then, it has been striving to offer people some of the best pre-rolled production systems, rolling papers, and cones. With nearly three decades in the market, Futurola, The King of Rolling, has provided us with all of the pre-rolled production systems, cones, and rolling papers that we could ever need.

What Was Futurola's Flagship Product at the Point of Inception?

Like any other brand, Futurola has a flagship product that set the pace when the brand was created. It was the Futurola King Size Cone Roller, which the brand describes as being produced out of a deep love for rolling. Of course, Futurola company has advanced and taken many steps since then, but the King Size Cone Rollers remain part of its iconic product line. Although we do not sell them and only feature the products it sells after partnering with Tyson Ranch, we must recognize that the cone rollers are among their top products.

Products Offered by Futurola

As mentioned in the preceding section, we only sell products by Futurola and Tyson Ranch, i.e., blunt cones, rolling papers, and wraps. We do not focus on items that Futurola produces on its own. However, we recognize that Futurola is among the pioneers in the rolling industry, given its 25+ years in pre-rolling production systems and products. It offers several items in the pre-rolling production system, including Venturi + Cone lock tubes, pre-rolled papers & cones, accessories, shredder machines, knock boxes, and more. In terms of accessories, Futurola offers rollers, rolling trays, rolling papers, cones, lighters, and manual shredders. Lastly, it has a Futurola & Tyson Ranch line, offering blunt cones and wraps that you can buy from our website. Besides the pre-rolls, Tyson Ranch offers king-size rolling papers, also available on our website.

What Is Tyson Ranch

Tyson Ranch is an El Segundo, California-based ranch that specializes in offering quality strains, featuring high-quality THC and CBD products. Located on the 420-acre weed farm in Desert Hot Springs, the Californian company has provided people with premium flower products since its inception in 2017. Initially, the ranch was not meant for cannabis products, but when the owner, Mike Tyson, dedicated it to cannabis production, it exploded into the industry and is currently one of the key players in the cannabis space, despite its limited inventory. Its joining hands with Futurola to produce premium blunt cones, wraps, and papers is one of the best moves they've made so far, but Tyson Ranch looks forward to making more big moves to help keep it relevant in the everchanging cannabis market.

How Did Futurola and Tyson Ranch Come to Merge?

Futurola boasts more than 25 years in the pre-roll, rolling paper, and cone production market, but Tyson Ranch is only five years old in the cannabis market. As such, you might already know how the two came to merge. In December 2019, Tyson Ranch, through its owner, Mike Tyson, announced its first-ever international partnership with Futurola. The cannabis guru was cooking up something big for the future of rolling. Consequently, the Tyson Ranch x Futurola line was developed and is now available along with their latest release of Tyson Ranch 2.0 products. So far, the Tyson Ranch 2.0 x Futurola inventory offers three items;

- Tyson Ranch 2.0 x Futurola Terpene- Infused Blunt Cones (12 ct)

- Tyson Ranch 2.0 x Futurola Terpene-Infused Blunt Wraps (245 ct)

- Tyson Ranch 2.0 x Futurola King Size Papers (24 pk)

That's all that we have from Futurola & Tyson Ranch for now. Still, we hope that the two companies keep their partnership and produce more items in tandem. You can always check out our new arrivals page to browse our latest and greatest products.

How Are Tyson Ranch Products Produced?

Are you wondering what goes into making the Futurola & Tyson Ranch proudcts? Well, Futurola applies their love of rolling to everything they produce, including the blunt cones and wraps made in partnership with Tyson Ranch. As for the blunt wraps and cones, these were inspired by Mike Tyson's favorite strain, The Toad. They are unique since they feature the feel of a blunt but are entirely tobacco-free. Besides, they are all infused with terpenes, making them extra special because terpenes interact with different strains to produce enhanced effects for smokers.

What's So Good About Futurola & Tyson Ranch Products?

If there is one thing you will love about the Futurola & Tyson Ranch products on our website, it is how unique they are. Unlike many other cones and wraps in the market, they do not contain tobacco, and they're the only brand on the market backed by one of the greatest fighters of all time. The infused terpenes are also a great reason to consider switching to these products, especially for long-term or heavy smokers that struggle with high tolerance. If you're looking for something to set you apart from the others, Futurola x Tyson Ranch products are a great start.


The partnership between Futurola and Tyson Ranch offers premium blunt cones, blunt wraps, and rolling papers. The two brands work independently, but since 2019 they've been collaborating to create revolutionary rolling products, and there's no sign of them stopping anytime soon. We look forward to providing you with even more revolutionary rolling products from these two key players in our industry.

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