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How to Troubleshoot & Clean the Nixon Gweed Haus

How to Troubleshoot & Clean the Nixon Gweed Haus

Posted by Greg Mattessich on Wed Jul 28th 2021

The Gweed Haus Nixon Kit reinvents a brand new all in one smoking experience with adjustable internal butane torch lighter that provides indirect flame contact vaping. This is a true kit, complete with a travel-friendly metal carrying case that protects each individual accessory for portability, including a ceramic nail for concentrates, a metal bowl, a magnetic carb, tweezers and cleaning utensils.

Nixon Gweed Haus Infographic


  • Lighter Device
  • Glass Pipe / Cup Clamper
  • Detachable Mouthpiece
  • Dry Ceramic Cup
  • Magnetic Cap With Metal Bowl
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Tweezers
  • Travel Case

Any smoker on the go will for sure enjoy this easy handheld device, fully detachable for easy maintenance after its use.

Using The Nixon Gweed Haus

First things first, you’re going to want to fill your torch with some good ol’ butane. Butane fluid for any standard torch will do. Make sure it’s shaken up well enough and preserve enough use for roughly 1-2 sessions. Any more than that, and you risk breaking the torch entirely; so be mindful of your pouring. Be easy and take things slow. Start at a nice and even medium temperature.

The Nixon Gweed comes with bowls for either flower or concentrates. You’ll achieve maximum airflow by filling just a bit of water a quarter of the way into the glass attachment. Once you’ve got your torch filled with the glass attachment and mouthpiece attached, you’re ready to go! (During consumption it’s best to hold the device itself from the metal part in between where the glass/bowl hits the nail itself.) 

For an even more detailed overview, be sure to check out @TEAGARDINS’s top-to-bottom video tutorial!

How To Clean the Nixon Gweed Haus

Things you’ll need:

  • 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 cup Isopropyl Alcohol

(Alternatively, you could use any of our formulaic Glass Cleaners)

Before you do anything, start by removing the glass attachment from the device. Pour roughly the same amount of sea salt or regular table salt to about the same amount of water you would normally pour.

Next, combine the 1 cup Isopropyl Alcohol and the 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar into a measuring cup. Carefully pour the mixture or any glass cleaner into the glass attachment, filling it to the top. After topping it with something like tinfoil to prevent the liquid from getting out, shake the glass attachment to your heart’s desire for roughly 2 minutes. Once completed, have the liquid poured out of the glass and into the plastic food container. Pour water through the attachment until all of the salt is completely dissolved. Let the glass attachment rest in the remaining cleaner mixture poured into the container for about 1-2 hours.

This is where you’ll use those trusty Pipe Cleaners to carefully tweeze and scrub out any additional residue found in the canister containing either your flower or concentrate. If anything else remains, you can go ahead and toss that canister into the cleaner mixture as well.

Once everything is all said and done, all you’ll need is to dry both pieces with any tablecloth or paper towel. Once you know it, viola! You have a Gweed Huas Nixon looking sparkling new!