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Humidity 101 - A Quick Guide To Keeping Flower Fresh

Humidity 101 - A Quick Guide To Keeping Flower Fresh

Thu May 26th 2022

Do you grow flower on a small scale or large scale? Are you an avid flower user who wouldn't go a day without it? Do you want to fetch more profit from your flower? If so, this guide will teach your how to effectively store your flower.

High-quality flower fetches high prices. However, the flower must be kept in tip-top shape to maximize its quality. Storing your flower properly will preserve its potency, quality, and flavor. Thus, keeping your stash fresh is essential for all smokers and growers. Storing your flower improperly can dry out the material and have a negative impact on its quality. That's because it loses its potency and flavor, not to mention it burns much faster and hence, less efficiently. The key is finding a balance that works best for your and your plants. If flower is stored in moist environments, it has the potential to mold and can be harmful to health if consumed. There are a few simple steps that you can follow to keep your flower fresh so that it remains fresh, pleasant, fragrant, delicious, and healthy for consumption. You can store your flower and consume it up to one year later without losing any effects. Please read on for our tips on storing your flower effectively.

How To Store Flour

When storing flower, you need a proper storing strategy to keep it fresh for consumption or sales. Proper storage of flower needs control of the following factors:

  • Light
  • Humidity
  • Airflow
  • Heat

When storing flower, you should consider a cool, dark, and dry area. For instance, you can store the flower jars at the back of a closet or cabinet. Additionally, exposure to heat, light and large quantities of oxygen causes degradation of your flower.

The choice of your flower storage facility will determine how long it will stay fresh. Ideal temperatures for storing flower range from about 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also keep them in an airtight jar to reduce the exposure to oxygen and humidity in the environment. Recommended humidity levels are between 59% and 63% RH. Most flower consumers and cultivators prefer storing it in opaque or dark glass jars to reduce light exposure.

What's The Point of Humidity Packs for Flower?

Using humidity packs to store your flower is an important step that all flower enthusiasts should adopt. It helps to regulate the humidity of the surroundings to keep the moisture level of the flower consistent. Proper storage procedures prevent the bud from being spoiled and keep mold at bay. Humidity packs are efficient, and most industries consider them the best method to keep their material humid.

How To Use Boveda Humidity Packs for Flower

The Boveda salt-based humidity control packs are a highly efficient way to store your flower and prevent it from drying out. The salt-based humidity packs save the terps of the flower, thus maintaining the quality for healthy consumption. Boveda humidity packs create a terpene shield around the cured flower, ensuring it stays potent and fresh for as long as possible.

Which Size Boveda Humidity Pack Should You Pick?

There are several; Boveda humidity packs for storing flower geared towards all kinds, from the farmer to the consumer. They are:

  • 1-gram humidity pack for three-point-five grams of flower
  • 4-gram humidity pack for 14 grams of flower
  • 8-gram humidity pack for 28 grams of flower
  • 68-gram humidity pack 450 grams of flower.
  • 320-gram humidity pack for 2.25 kg of flour.

Which Relative Humidity Level Should You Use for Storing Flower?

Boveda humidity packs are available in a wide range of humidity levels, making them great for many applications, including the storage of flower, spices, instruments, and cigars. Moreover, the ideal conditions are agreed upon by all types of flower industries, and it is delegated by ASTM International, a global governing body. They declared that the water content in flower should achieve an average of 55% to 65%. Moreover, the ATSM states that the Boveda salt-based humidity packs are the best for achieving these humidity levels and maintaining the ideal moisture content in flower.

The consumer's overall preference indicates which relative humidity to choose. There is no better option for keeping your grass in good shape than Boveda. Flower stored at the proper moisture level will taste better, burn slower, and offer maximum effectiveness.

How To Store Flower with Boveda Humidity Packs

  • Remove your Boveda humidity packs from the plastic wrapper.
  • (CAUTION! Avoid cutting or puncturing the Boveda humidity pack.)
  • Open the airtight jar.
  • Place your packet in the airtight jar.
  • Reseal the airtight container and dispose of the wrapper.
  • Although it may take more than three weeks for the terp layer to develop, high-quality airtight packs will show results in less than a day.

How Do I Know Boveda Humidity Pack Is Working?

Boveda humidity packs start showing efficiency immediately after exposure to open air. Flower with perfect moisture content will become springy and sticky. A rich terpene smell will consume your nose when the flowers are ground up.

How Do I Know When It's Time to Replace Boveda?

  • Boveda humidity packs will solidify after some time.
  • They become stiff, and expiration starts.
  • The corners of the pack start hardening when used.
  • Soft spots are left in the Boveda humidity pack after use.
  • The pack can only last for three to six months once you have stored your flower. However, the specific time depends on the pack size and volume of flower.

What Are the Advantages Of The Raw Hydro Stone?

It keeps the flower fresh and moist.

It is reusable, meaning it will save your funds.

It is made from natural terracotta, which offers high efficiency.

The Bottom Line

Preserving your flower is easy with Boveda. It protects your flower's terpenes, preserves potency, avoids mold growth, and prevents them from drying under one solution. Once you try the Boveda salt-based packs, you will never look back.

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