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Juicy Jay's - A Legend In The Making

Juicy Jay's - A Legend In The Making

Tue Jun 7th 2022

Rolling papers and cones have not been the same since the introduction of Juicy Jay's. The company has added taste and fashion to wraps, rolling papers, and cones in how they are now irresistible. Juicy Jay has captured the world's attention using stylish, tasty, and high-quality products. Over the years, it has sustained a top position in the market against its competitors. Juicy Jay's products are purely organic, minimizing their damage to the human body. If you haven't tried Juicy Jay's products, it's time to check them out! Before that, let's find out more about Juicy Jay and why you should consider its products.

The History of Juicy Jay's

Juicy Jay's is a U.S trademark that is owned by Josh Kesselman, the driving force behind HBI & RAW. Juicy Jay flavored rolling papers were originally produced by Jose Emillio and have been a staple in our industry ever since. Juicy Jay's name is based on Josh's fond memories of his high school days. In New York City, Josh and a group of his friends were hanging out. The name "Juicy Jay" came about the day after cruising Farmers Boulevard in Queens as they were looking for their hero, singer LL Cool Jay. Josh's friends coined the nickname "Cool J".

After ten years, Cool J came up with a new design for menthol papers and did not have a name to brand them. After some consideration, he branded them Cool Jay's. He later came up with Watermelon Flavor, which is also when he decided to switch to the Juicy Jay label that we know and love. The brand gained traction, and more flavors/products were released to keep up with demands. Juicy Jay's brand has been famous for a long time and has earned its place as the best flavored rolling paper in our industry. Although Juicy Jay papers are used globally, they are produced in the mountains of Alcoy, Spain, the birthplace of all rolling papers.

Why Juicy Jay's?

Although Juicy Jay's is receiving a lot of competition from existing and newly established brands, it remains the best brand globally. What makes people prefer Juicy Jay's? Each pack of Juicy Jay's has a unique fruit flavor that would give it the best smell and taste, irresistible to its users. The unique scent enhances your smoking experience and makes you desire more. Read on to learn some of the reasons people prefer Juicy Jay's products over other brands.

Unique Flavors

Back in the day, you'd be hard pressed to find flavored flower. Most flavored paper brands have a very faint taste which is barely noticeable when smoking. On the contrary, Juicy Jay's offers a host of robust flavors, making them one of the best choices for selection and quality. The sweet taste surrounds your lips, making the smoking experience tastier than ever.

Natural Products

Lung conditions and other chronic diseases have been of common concern in our industry. People are now opting for organic products that will minimize the chances of developing such conditions. Unlike other brands having their wraps contaminated with artificial ingredients, Juicy Jay has gone organic. They use organic sweeteners such as raspberry and strawberry extracts.

Third-Party Testing

You don't have much to worry about when it comes to the purity and potency levels of Juicy Jay's rolling papers. The brand's commitment to quality begins at the seed of the hemp plant. Each manufacturing stage is then assessed for quality and consistency all the way up the manufacturing chain. After processing, purity levels are monitored to confirm the paper rolls are void of heavy metals or chemical solvents that might have infiltrated the products during production.

The Triple-Dipped System

Although organic products are suitable for health and wellness, the awful taste of smoke is still quite harsh for many smokers. Juicy Jay had to look for an alternative to address this issue best. To downplay the sharp taste of flower, Juicy Jay has a way of enhancing taste in their final touch of processing using fruit flavors. The paper is dipped thrice and soaked for more than a week to infuse an exquisite taste that will make your smoking experience more tantalizing than ever; this lets you get three times more flavor than any other product.

Printed Papers

Juicy Jay stands to be unique due to its printed papers. Their printed papers have corresponding images of the individual flavors. A good example is the raspberry rolling papers. They are featured with images of raspberries all over them. These images are printed with natural soy-based ink.

Which Juicy Jay Flavor Would Work Best for me?

There are multiple flavors, including Banana, Blueberry, and Jamaican Rum. Preference on tastes is a personal choice. Since Juicy Jay has a wide range of flavors, they should offer products that can cater to even the pickiest of smokers. Their packing has detailed information regarding the individual product that you should take the time to read. Every pack of Juicy Jay's papers is sealed for freshness before they leave the factory.


Juicy Jay is a unique brand with outstanding products that keep customers coming back for more. It has stood out among its competitors due to its range of flavor options, amazing history, and phenomenal taste. Juicy Jay's products are high quality and are monitored for consistency and purity levels at every processing stage. The name Juicy Jay originates from the brand's owner's nickname(Cool Jay). Josh loved his nickname and wanted to etch it into the history of rolling papers. As a result, he started using it to brand the original mint-flavored papers, followed by a switch to Juicy Jay's when he launched the flavored watermelon papers. Now you'll find Juicy Jay on all his flavored rolling papers. Try Juicy Jay's today to take part in an extraordinary journey, and support the growth of one of the biggest and best companies in the rolling paper industry.

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