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WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
​Redefine your Smoking Experience with Kasher Lighter Tool

​Redefine your Smoking Experience with Kasher Lighter Tool

Sun Sep 26th 2021

Imagine having a lighter that can do almost every smoking-related task. Such a lighter could revolutionize the way we smoke. We've received several questions about multifunctional lighter accessories that can pack rolls and clean bowls.

There are certain accessories to get these jobs done, but a lighter is something that we smokers all the time. So Kasher saw an opportunity and created a solution in the form of the Kasher Lighter Tool.

What is a Kasher lighter tool?

The Kasher lighter tool is a unique accessory for smokers. Users will find this lighter attachment helpful in many situations, regardless of their preferred smoking method. The design and shape of the Kasher Lighter Tool are simple but highly effective in a wide range of applications.

Smokers can easily clip Kasher onto their Bic or Clipper lighters. The tool also comes in several design options to help users personalize their experience.

You may wonder why you would need to buy Kasher lighter tool if it is just a simple lighter attachment; in this blog, we'll break down the potential applications of this nifty little tool.

Kasher Lighter Tool Overview

What is it? It is a uniquely shaped lighter accessory made of brass. You may use this as a key chain or just an attachment for Bic or Clipper lighters. The Kasher lighter tool is built from a single piece of brass, making it an extremely durable tool. In addition, brass is a great conductor of heat and corrosion-resistant, making it the perfect material for this application.

The tool has some excellent features which have helped it grow in popularity. It is an extended design of the original Kasher lighter tool and is versatile in that it can double as a keychain or a lighter attachment. For such a simple product, this tool is loaded with hidden features and potential applications. For example, the tip can be used as a cigar punch and also as a flathead screwdriver in a pinch.


Kasher lighter tool has many different design options to choose from. It comes in a range of metallic colors to help suit the user's personality. Black looks modern and sleek, whereas the silver finish looks distinguished and elegant. The tool also comes in a gold finish for those with deep pockets and has many more great color options.


This lighter tool can be found at most hemp stores because smokers love these accessories.

It acts as an addition to lighters, making regular lighters far more helpful than ever before. Users can attach it to their keychain or put it in their pocket to ensure they're ready for any smoking situation.

You can get several jobs done with this single tool. Kasher lighter tool can be used to pack material, clean bowls, increase airflow to a toke, or cut hemp wick, and has several other practical applications such as a box cutter or small flathead screwdriver.

For even more tips & tricks, checkout Kasher's guide here: 

Things to Consider while Buying Kasher Lighter Tool

There is no disadvantage of using Kasher as a lighter attachment. On the contrary, it is a very lightweight and portable product, making it quite handy for smoker to carry wherever they go. There are also some points to consider about using Kasher as a lighter accessory.

1. Not every smoker likes the idea of using it: If you do not like using lighter accessories that make you worry about your cigarette being consumed in vain, then there is no point in buying this product for you.

2. Not an actual lighter: Smokers can't use this product to light up their cigarettes because it's not a lighter.

3. Not every smoker uses it: If you like to keep things simple, this may note be the best product for you.

Shop Kasher Lighter Tool Online

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