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The High Five Duo - Is It worth it?

The High Five Duo - Is It worth it?

Thu Jun 23rd 2022

Since the legalization of flower in various states, the market has seen a flood of various new consumption methods. Many companies have been competing to offer what they term the safest means of consuming this ever-growing plant, including smoking, vape pens, dab rigs, nectar collectors, and now electronic dab rigs. Also, as the electric rig (e-rig) market continues to record outstanding growth, we have seen the birth of various electric devices that aim to supply a broad consumer base. While this comes as a relief to many consumers who struggle to find what suits their lifestyle, not all e-rigs are worth buying. That's why we wrote this article, to help you decide if this product is right for your and your customers.

What Is The High Five Duo?

As the name suggests, the High Five Duo offers dual functionality for concentrates and flower to cater to newbies and dabbing pros alike. The device features two heating systems; a convection system for flower(Releasing in late 2022) and a conduction compartment for concentrates. It is also one of the only dual-purpose e-rigs on the market that offers all features and abilities needed in a premium vaporizer. These features include versatility, practicality, durability, cross-compatbility, and ease of maintenance.

The High Five Duo is a friendly device for anyone who wants to experience the power and ultimate performance of a desktop vaporizer anywhere and anytime. It also comes with customizable features such as heating mechanisms, vibrant LEDs, and useful attachments for users to enjoy anywhere. Moreover, the LEDs emit bright colors, illuminating the device and making it a decorative piece of art to fit any lifestyle.

A Brief History of High Five Vaporizers

With all the new players in our industry, it is challenging to identify an authentic, quality, and original brand that meets all consumers' requirements. However, with all these worries comes a company that strives to redefine its purpose and offer modern, innovative, and versatile dab rigs to its customers. That company is High Five Vape.

High Five Vaporizers, also known as HIGH5, was established in 2014 with a core mission to provide high-quality electric dab rigs (e-rigs) and other related products and make them accessible to all users. The company has easily erased the usual smoking routine and replaced it with a healthier and modern consumption method that involves electric dab rigs, classic dab rig glassware, and other accessories such as E-Nails. With these products on your list of must-have items, you don't need to be an experienced hemp user due to their simplified functionalities.

Also, after seeing how the hemp market lacked authenticity and originality, High Five Vaporizers started designing its products from the ground using skilled Seattle-based engineers. The engineers are also frequent hemp users for recreational and medical purposes and work jointly to push out the carbon copies or reverse-engineered versions of dab rigs. The company also passes its products through a rigorous test process and controls everything from designing to manufacturing and selling. This complete in-house manufacturing technique also ensures buyers get quality and carefully assessed products with utmost originality.

High Five Duo's Specifications

According to most users, the High Five Duo is second to none and comes with simple yet effective functionalities that make it friendly to all. This e-rig is developed by skilled engineers and has unique features that allow for easy and satisfactory usage. Some of its outstanding specifications include:

Adjustable And Vibrant LED Display

The device has an LED display that allows users to adjust and set their ideal vaping temperature and control each session's duration with the touch of a button. The display builds trust with users because, unlike other e-rigs, the device's complex microprocessor minimizes fluctuations and offers accurate temperature reading of the bowl and not of the heating element.

Smart Temperature Settings

The vaporizer has a precise and intelligent heating system that allows users to enjoy the full flavors and potency of the material inside. The new technology also allows users to pull vapor away from the atomizer, heating element, or any other electric connection; thus, minimizing frequent atomizer failure, sticky components, and residue accumulation.

Fast-Charging System

The High Five Duo has one of the longest-lasting dab rig batteries that can last up to 40 heat cycles. Once the battery drains, the user can plug in the pass-through or USB-C fast charger to charge the unit while still using it simultaneously. This allows the user to enjoy vaping without worrying about any downfall.

Increased Stability and User Capacity

The device also features a 16mm bowl that allows for group sessions, a removable borosilicate glass bubbler mouthpiece for easy cleaning, a high-quality protective carrying case for portability, and a wide base for stability. It also comes with a self-seating bowl for easy assembly, a built-in ambient lighting system with 11 different colors for customizable brightness, and an ergonomic design for both left and right-handed users.

High Five Duo Versus Puffco Peak and Carta Focus V

Before the invention of High Five Duo, the Puffco Peak was considered the king of the dab e-rigs market with its solid design and consistent performance. However, the High Five Duo came as a blow to leading devices like Puffco Peak and Carta Focus V. Therefore, for those who want the best e-rigs with simplified usage, here are the advantages of the High Five Duo against Puffco Peak and Carta Focus V.

Longer Battery Life and Fast-Charging Capability

Puffco Peak and Carta Focus V have an equal battery life of 2400mAh, giving between 15 and 30 hit sessions on a single charge. Both devices also have USB fast chargers that allow users to charge and use them on the go. Contrary, although the High Five Duo does not indicate the milliamp(mAh) capacity of its battery, it has the longest-lasting battery life that gives between 30 and 40 hits in a single charge. It also has a USB-C charging cable that acts as a data transfer cable and a pass-through charging capability that allows using it while plugged in for charging.

Customizable Functionalities

The High Five Duo has a stainless-steel atomizer that can pair with the provided quartz and titanium buckets. It also has adjustable temperature settings that allow users to increase the temperatures at a 10-degree interval and enjoy accurate heating and a customized experience while consuming the material inside. Moreover, it has six percolation slits for better water filtration. This functionality is opposed to Puffco Peak and Carta Focus V, which come with preset temperature settings that give users limited options to select their preferred temperatures.

The Bottom Line

Considering the ever-growing dab rig market, the High Five Duo has a lot of consumption tricks to offer its buyers. From the increased battery life, smart heating technology, customizable temperature settings, and fast-charging system, the device has proven to stay around for a long time and serve both newbies and experienced folks. The High Five Duo is also likely to dethrone the Puffco Peak, which has been the golden standard of e-rigs with its easy-to-use features and early entry into the market.

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