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WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
​The Hitoki Trident – A Revolutionary Smoking Experience

​The Hitoki Trident – A Revolutionary Smoking Experience

Fri Oct 1st 2021

Lasers have always fascinated the human mind; their unique nature and mesmerizing view feel so pleasing. Brands like Hitoki were keenly interested in combining the power of lasers with smoking products, and it seemed almost impossible until the release of their flagship product, The Trident.

Firstly, you should know that Hitoki Trident is something that you have never seen before in the market. It is versatile, unique, and above all, The Trident is a healthier way to smoke than conventional waterpipes. So, what's all this hype about Hitoki Trident for smoking flower?

What Is the Hitoki Trident?

The Trident is a laser-powered bong by Hitoki, but that's not all. The idea behind this stylish and sleek bong was to incorporate lasers into the smoking experience practically and reliably. As a result, the Trident by Hitoki outright defied the rules and tradition of classic bongs as it did not reply upon a flame. Instead, it uses a laser, and that is the true magic here.

The idea of laser combustion was unique enough to attract smokers in and of itself. Still, Hitoki went the extra mile and introduced a sleek, practical, and ultra-futuristic design for this device. The result was an incredible combination of science and art that would appeal to many smokers. However, featuring zero heat-up time and almost instant combustion of flower, let us be the first to tell you that this piece isn't for the faint of heart.

The Hitoki Trident comes with a tank separated from the aircraft-grade aluminum body by a series of air channels. The design is trendy among vapers since it allows users to enjoy their product without the hassle of open flames and ashes blowing all over.

Why Are Smokers So Crazy About The Trident?

The Hitoki Trident is the first all-in-one unit that allows users to light up with a laser beam. The laser burns material in an instant, producing uniquely smooth smoke for an almost magical experience. The bong comes with a removable tank which makes it easy to clean and refill. The tank itself has a capacity of 3ml, making it large enough to produce big milky hits.

The Hitoki Trident bong is genuinely unique and is something all smokers should consider adding to their collection. Furthermore, the Trident's futuristic design is something other smokers will envy and make owners feel like a superhero while using it. Here are salient features of the Trident laser bong that can easily convince you to make the purchase right now:

  • The removable ceramic loading chamber
  • 280+ uses per 1 hour and 45-minute charge
  • Instant combustion
  • Integrated water filter
  • Cleanest smoking experience
  • A healthier and tastier alternative
  • Fast charging USB-C
  • FDA standard interlocks
  • LED power level indicator
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum exterior

The Trident is simply a perfect product that has been the dream of smokers for a long time. Finally, Hitoki turned this idea into reality, and if you have not tried it yet, you are missing out on the benefits of herb smoking with laser combustion.

How Do I Use The Hitoki Trident?

The Trident was designed to be used by all types of smokers, so users don't require any special equipment to enjoy this device. The setup process is quite simple and easy. Here are the steps to using Trident by Hitoki:

1- Fully charge the Trident with the charging cable that is included with the device before use.

2- Unlock the Trident's interlocks, twisting with both hands, and connect the hose adapter to the chamber of Trident at the bottom for a better grip.

3- Twist the water reservoir open to fill it with a small amount of water and replace the cap. DO NOT fill past the line near the bottom of the metal stem.

4- Remove the loading chamber and fill it with finely ground material for even ignition. The finer, the better.

5- Use the flat end of the included dual tool to create a flat surface without packing tightly.

6- Line up the three prongs on the base with the top of the device and twist to activate the interlocks; otherwise, the laser will not fire.

7- Insert the hose or mouthpiece into the hose connector.

8- Click the power button five times to turn the device on or off. Quickly press the button three times to choose between power levels. You can choose to hold the button or double-tap it for a continuous, 9-second beam.

9- Inhale and prepare for liftoff.

How Do I Clean The Hitoki Trident?

The cleaning process is fast and straightforward, where you can easily remove different parts for effective cleaning. All you need to do is remove the loading chamber and pour 70% alcohol into the stem. Then, shake with alcohol for almost 30 seconds, so the solution gets into every nook and cranny of the device.

Let the alcohol sit in the bottom chamber for about 10 minutes to remove all types of particles and smoke. Now, unscrew the water reservoir so you can remove the alcohol. Finally, wash the chamber and water reservoir with clean water, and your Trident is ready to use, just like new!

The Trident Is Better Than Using a Lighter

Smoking cannabis is all about taste and sophistication, and using a lighter takes away from the natural feel of cannabis smoking. In addition, the use of laser combustion is considerably safer than using a butane lighter. Butane is neurotoxic, so it's not doing our brain cells any favors. Apart from safety improvements, The Trident tastes better too.

The Hitoki Trident is so feature-packed that users can fall in love with this unique device in a heartbeat. We are pleased to proudly present this phenomenal new product to our audience at a very competitive price. So go ahead and grab your piece right now because true beauty is forever fleeting.