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What Are Our Top 5 Pod Vape Systems?

What Are Our Top 5 Pod Vape Systems?

Fri May 6th 2022

Pod vape systems have increased in popularity over the last few years as people yearn for hassle-free vaping products. More and more vapers are shifting to pod vape devices. This shift is attributed to the highly efficient function of these devices. With an astounding number of pod vape products in the market, picking the right one for your use can be challenging. This article features our top 5 picks of pod vape systems, best brands, advantages of pod vaporizers, and other beneficial tips. Read on to discover a better way to enjoy vaping varying flavors for truly remarkable experiences.

What Is a Pod Vape System?

A pod vape system is a vaping device similar to most e-cigarettes but with two sections, the battery and replaceable pods. The refillable pods generally come in two styles, those that have included coils and those with interchangeable coils. Beginners and experienced vapers can use pod vape systems because they offer ease of use but also have the potential to provide large clouds of vapor. There are plenty of styles of pod vapes that differ based on brands. You can find some of the best pod vape systems right here on The Cloud Supply.

Which Companies Offer Pod Vape Systems?

The increase in usage of pod vapes has triggered the production of numerous devices in the market as producers compete to meet consumers' demands. Although most have high-quality products, not all brands are legitimate. We have tested and proven several pod systems from different brands and come out with a list of most loved companies or brands, including; Geekvape, Smok, Uwell, Voopoo, Suorin, and many more.

What Are the Most Popular Pod Vape Systems On the Cloud Supply?

Caliburn G2

This is a comfortable pod vape system for the lips with a curved design. The Caliburn G2 has a smooth, progressive airflow mechanism to adjust the tasty flavors easily. The package includes a single Caliburn G2 pod with a battery power of 750mAh that has an output wattage of 18 w. It has a capacity of 2ml E-liquid, and the pods are refillable. The Caliburn G2 pod vape can be activated through a single button or draw-activated firing design to provide delicious smooth E-liquid vapes. It also features an additional viewing window to allow users to monitor the E-liquid volume. The LED indicator helps you determine the battery level. You can recharge the device after it runs out using the fast type-c cable.

Caliburn A2

This is one of the most loved pod vape systems from the Uwell brand. It's highly versatile with a simple-to-use drawing mechanism comprising draw-activated and single firing systems. The Caliburn A2 has all the basics and added features you would love in a pod vape. The device includes replaceable pods with 0.9 Ohm and can work with nic salts or other nicotine e-liquids. With a battery of 520mAh, users can vape all day long as the device has a 15 W wattage output. What's more, the vape pod does not leak, is flavorful, and lightweight

Smok Nord Pro

The Smok Nord Pro is an improved version of the initial Smok Nord. Its compact, light, and easy to use, even by beginners to vaping. The device comes with a 1100mAh battery to facilitate all-day long vaping and an E-liquid capacity of 2 ml. The Smok Nord Pro has a dual firing design consisting of the draw and button-activated mechanisms that work on and off. The Nord Pro is compatible with other versions of SMOK Nord and can feature replaceable 0.9Ohm or 0.6Ohm nicotine coils.

Smok Novo 3 Kit

The Smok Novo 3 Kit is one of the most popular versions of the Novo range of pod vape systems. It is similar to the previous Novo series products and can hold up to 2 ml of E-liquid. The Novo 3 kit has an 800mAh battery power with a power output of 6 to 25 watts, enough to last all day, even for heavy users. It comes with an upgraded draw activation firing system and a new airflow mechanism that allows users to groove steadily on the mouthpiece as you enjoy the delicious flavors from each puff. The product includes a USB charging port, 0.8 to 2.5ohm coils, and is easily compatible with previous Novo pods.

Suorin Air Pro

Termed the future of pod vape systems, the Suorin Air Pro or Plus is a stealthy vaping device from the Suorin Air Series. It has stunning designs with a thin, sleek body and a simple drawing mechanism. The Suorin Air Pro comes with an installed pod that can be easily replaced with the extra coils attached to the package. The air pods have varying coil resistance with a 0.7Ohm for freebase liquids and a 1.0 Ohm coil for salt-nicotine liquids. This new version has a larger capacity to hold up to 3.5 ml of E-liquid. Enjoy longer vaping experiences from an upgraded battery of 930 mAh. It also features LED lights that allow you to monitor the battery's progress and a fast USB-C charger for recharging when the charge depletes.

What Are the Advantages of Pod Systems Vs. Traditional Models?

Pod vape systems have several benefits compared to other traditional models, making them more efficient and popular. They include;

  • A simple design and mechanism, making them easy to use even for beginners.
  • They emit quiet puffs and hence can be used in discreet sessions
  • They demand low care or maintenance
  • They are generally cheaper than full-fledged mods
  • The best alternative for people ready to stop smoking
  • They are efficient and convenient
  • Pod Vape systems are lightweight and hence easily portable
  • They are fit for vaping all kinds of E-liquids

What Kind of E-Liquids Work Best with Pod Systems?

From our experiences with the pod vape systems, you can safely use any e-liquid with these devices. Pod vapes can work with tobacco-free (aka synthetic) E-liquids, and conventional nicotine e-liquids. The only difference one might encounter is the strength or harshness of the vapes.


Pod vape systems are extremely capable devices for Vaping any E-liquid. The above recommendations of our best pod vape kits will give your customers some of the best vaping experiences the market has to offer. For more details about the pod vape systems we carry, visit the Pod Vape section of our website.